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  • Liquid Nitrogen Plant

    Contact NowLiquid Nitrogen PlantLiquid Nitrogen Plant For  CANGAS®   cryogenic  liquid  nitrogen  generation  plant , the  working  pressure of the whole  plant  is less than 0.7Mpa.  O ...Read More

  • Liquid Nitrogen Generation Plant

    Contact NowLiquid Nitrogen Generation PlantFeatures of liquid nitrogen generation plant 1 Purifying air by molecular sieve adsorption makes the process simple, start-up and operation easy and safe, switch-over loss small and rectifying condition stable. 2 liquid nitrogen generation plant uses the pre-cooling system to cool the air with...Read More

  • Nitrogen Generator

    Contact NowNitrogen GeneratorCANGAS® nitrogen generator can produce 95% to 99.999% purity of nitrogen gas with flow rate up to 5,000 Nm3/h. Users can produce nitrogen gas on actual demand from dry compressed air directly with low running cost. CANGAS® nitrogen generator offers a more economical, more reliable and more...Read More

  • Liquid Nitrogen Production Plant

    Contact NowLiquid Nitrogen Production PlantFor CANGAS® cryogenic liquid nitrogen production plant, the working pressure of the whole plant is less than 0.7Mpa. Operation is simple, flexible and safe while energy consumption is very low.   The process of liquid nitrogen production plant includes molecular sieve adsorption towers,...Read More

  • Liquid Nitrogen And Oxygen Making Machine

    Contact NowLiquid Nitrogen And Oxygen Making Machine All the products are in liquid form Liquid nitrogen and oxygen making machine is easy to store and transport in huge amount each time, which is so convenient that it helps the user to save time and money. Working pressure is lower than 1.0Mpa. Main parts of  All the products are...Read More

  • Nitrogen Membrane

    Contact NowNitrogen MembraneON-SITE PSA/MEMBRANE Nitrogen Generator CANGAS hollow-fibre membrane modules produce nitrogen gas from compressed air to offer a costeffective, reliable and safe alternative to traditional cylinder or liquid nitrogen gas supplies. Nitrogen is used as a clean, dry, inert gas...Read More

  • Liquid Nitrogen Generator

    Contact NowLiquid Nitrogen GeneratorCANGAS Liquid Nitrogen Generator For CANGAS® twin-tower cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation plant, the working pressure of the whole system is less than 0.7Mpa. Operation is simple, flexible and safe while energy consumption is very low.   The main parts are air...Read More

  • Good Quality Nitrogen Generators Machine

    Contact NowGood Quality Nitrogen Generators MachinePrinciple PSA nitrogen technology of good quality nitrogen generators machine utilizes two towers which are filled with carbon molecular sieve (CMS). Compressed air enters the bottom of one tower. While the smaller oxygen molecules are adsorbed by the CMS, the larger nitrogen molecules pass...Read More

  • Small Liquid Nitrogen Generator

    Contact NowSmall Liquid Nitrogen GeneratorCANGAS ®  l ow pressure t win - tower cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation plant   For CANGAS ®  twin-tower cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation  plant, the working  pressure of the...Read More

  • Liquid Nitrogen Gas Generator By Cryogenic

    Contact NowLiquid Nitrogen Gas Generator By CryogenicAs an qualified air separation equipment manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience, CANGAS developed the oxygen and nitrogen generation plants by cryogenic technology at the begining of 2014. Cryogenics, a branch of low-temperature physics concerned with the effects of very low...Read More

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Established in 1998, CAN GAS SYSTMES COMPANY LIMITED, a reputable manufacturer of on-site nitrogen and oxygen plants and kinds of gases systems, has a production and R&D center with an area of 28,000 square meters, and passed ISO9001 quality management certification, BV certification and CE certification.


Tel: +86-10-63338130

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Address: B516, GID International Center, 27 Nanbinhe Road, Xicheng District,Beijing, China 100055.

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